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Breathing Snack

Do you want to Take Natural Breathing on a Test-Drive to see if it works? Take a powerful One-Minute “BREATHING SNACK”… You can do this when you want to feel more awake and energized. And, it will give you an indication of the power of Natural Breathing and how you...

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The Right Way to Breathe

Having been a Breath Coach and Trainer for over 30 years, I have been researching “The Right Way to Breathe”. Of course, there are many ways to breathe and many intentions to use breathwork and they always produce results, because breathing is so powerful. The...

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Breathing Control System

Sub-ventilating is intended as a protection. This Control System is the body’s attempt to homeostasis – the way to make sure we stay the same, because (the Breathing Control System reasons) this sameness is keeping us alive and any change ‘could’ endanger our life...

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The 5 Breathing Basics

Sometimes the Breathing Control System gets OFF GUARD and Natural Breathing kicks in and we sigh, yawn, sneeze, laugh, be emotional, exert ourselves and fall asleep. Taking a look at these times, when the breathing changes by itself, I have found 5 basic...

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Healing Journey to Costa Rica 2017

Have you been thinking about joining Arne and Monica for a Healing Journey to Costa Rica? If so, it’s time to register, if you haven’t done so already. If you haven’t thought about it, what’s holding you back? Money? A stunted sense of adventure? Fear that you can’t...

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Needy vs Having Extra

If you are experiencing LACK, you are being “NEEDY”. NEEDING to “Get That”, is the sure way to not have it. NEEDINESS is the vibration that REPELS… If you want to “HAVE EXTRA” you have to become FULFILLED – first. BEING FULFILLED is the vibration that ATTRACTS… HOW DO...

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