Breathwork Mentoring

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This Mentoring is for you if:

  • You are starting out aspiring to become qualified as a skilled Breathwork Coach and Trainer.
  • You have been a Breathwork practitioner, Breathwork Coach, Breathwork Teacher and a Breathwork Trainer for a while, and want to fine-tune and upgrade your understanding, knowledge and skills.
  • You want to focus on understanding and practicing uncontrived Breathwork. 
  • You want to be connected with your Breathwork peers and tap into their experience and wisdom.

This Mentoring Group was created to fill the gap for Breathworkers, who are aspiring to expand on their short and minimal education, experience and mentoring, to have a place to get extensive, quick Breathwork support, information and Continued Education.

It was also created for seasoned Breathworkers needing support themselves, to stay on track and have a place to update and sharpen their skills.

Here you’ll get:

  • A place to go to get timely support with your personal and professional Breathwork questions.
  • You will get access to ask Arne Rantzen questions directly.
  • Access to unadulterated applicable Breathwork information and wisdom.
  • Periodical online video Breathwork mentoring.
  • A library of Breathwork FAQ, notes, quotes and posts.
  • A peer group of Breathworkers.

Here you’ll not get help with:

  • How to use additional modalities in conjunction with Breathwork.
  • Scientific constructs that are purely conceptual, and with no real-life natural application (i.e. mentally fabricated).

I started Rebirthing in 1984 and have worked full-time as a Breathwork practitioner, Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Mentor since, as a Rebirther and Rebirth Trainer and LRT Trainer under the guidance of Sondra Ray and Bob Mandel, to mention a few of my Coaches and Mentors.

I have first-hand internal personal experience of having received many Breathwork sessions (I stopped counting, a long time ago, after 500 sessions), and I have Coached thousands of clients, students, practitioners and teachers in the art of Breathwork.

I am the founder of Unlimited Breath and the Founder, Coach and Trainer of Natural Breathing. I am the author of the “Owner’s Manual” – a compilation and guide to all the details, ins and outs of Natural Breathing.

I am the Founder, Coach and Mentor of Creative Questions- the next step of how to most effectively use the mind to create what you want and the upgrade from Affirmations. 

I mention this above, so you know I have accumulated a wealth of experience, facts and well-defined and well-described information, with examples, and that I like to share this with you as I am sure can be of great value to Breathwork Practitioners and Teachers. 

$9.95/ month