JuliAnne Murphy

“When I first heard about this thing called “Natural Breathing”, I was suspect. My thought was what’s the big deal? I didn’t get it. But I was curious, so I went to the free ceremony offered by Arne and Monica.

My experience there – learning and then practicing the breathing techniques – was mind blowing. So much so that it was hard to explain it to anyone. But others who were there understood when I shared about my experience.  That half-day led me to sign up for a two-day workshop and my experiences during that were so impactful for me that I went even further – signing up for private sessions with Dr. Monica.

Sound crazy? Maybe. But for me, it was the right thing, at the right time. 2017 held many obstacles and struggles for me. Breathing helped me in huge ways to get through a lot of change and uncertainty. My sessions helped me let go of old emotions and ideas that no longer really worked for me at this point in my life. I realized I was hanging on to old grudges and hatred that simply no longer fit. Breathing brought it all up and with courage and practice, I was able to release, release, release. Wow. What freedom I found and what a gift to have an instructor/coach like Monica who supported me with such wisdom and grace. I truly believe that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. That was my experience this past year, and my gratitude runs so deep for Arne and Monica who make this available in our community.

There are few things I recommend wholeheartedly and Natural Breathing is one of them. It’s a practice that does not necessarily make “sense” to the mind. But if you are looking for change in your life – real change – and if you are interested in letting go of “demons” in your life that no longer serve you, I’d encourage you to check it out for yourself.

My life is better for discovering Natural Breathing in 2017, and I’m extremely grateful to my friends who introduced the idea to me and got me curious. You know who you are, and thank you.”

Bonnie TeVelde

“Arne Rantzen and Doctor Monica are the greatest team of healers in the world, period. They were able to connect me with God and my Higher SELF, and all of my pain, physical (from being run over by a tractor at age 7) and emotional (from feeling fundamentally flawed and scarred) was dissolved from the inside out by Unconditional Love, Compassion, and Pure Intention to make space for a new healthy way of feeling.

I️ refrained from sharing this here for a week because I️ really couldn’t comprehend that this healing is permanent. The lessons learned are huge, and the joy in being almost completely free of pain medications for the first time in 30 years is indescribable. Every morsel of food tastes better, every sound I️ hear is more crisp and delicious, every sky I️ see is brighter, each tree is greener, and every piano key I️ touch feels more responsive. It’s going to take me a while to settle into this high vibration of positive pure God/source energy, but I️ am so willing and so eager to live in this new body with this new mindset, and with my beautiful daughter who has been beside me in this journey. Thank you Dr Monica for telling me to trust Arne. He is the best of the best and so are you!!!”


Rachel Hartline

“I want to give a shout out of gratitude to my breathing coach Arne Rantzen in Costa Rica. I completed the Natural Breathing 10-Session Series and can truly say my life has changed dramatically throughout the last couple of months. Not only have I intensely experienced God but have discovered my true purpose in life. Can not wait to start up again with Doctor Monica. My Costa Rica friends be sure to checkout their Breathing Ceremony last Tuesday of every month!!”


Rondi Anderson, Midwife

“I had done Breathwork before and found it meaningful, but Natural Breathing provided the guidance I needed to move through painful places I had previously resisted. I was surprised and relieved to find euphoria on the other side of my resistance, and some of my beliefs about what I can and can’t do were freed.”


Robert Carlson-Moeller

"I had a heavy chest, difficult to breathe and cold air hurt with each breath. I had pneumonia at 18 and almost died. After that I have kept getting sick and had to take antibiotics 4 to 5 times each year. I was missing out on work and the life I wanted to live. Natural Breathing freed my breathing to now feel that the tightness in my chest is gone. I feel more space both in my chest and in my life.”


Sherie Schnotala

“I was essentially home-bound because of allergies to just about everything. Going out was like a major expedition. Did I take my decongestant and antihistamine? Are Kleenex and my inhaler packed, etc? Nothing was easy. Nothing was spontaneous. Everything needed to be planned to the smallest detail. During a Natural Breathing session I reMEMBERed when I was 8 years old and had an accident. I apparently had made a deep decision that it is not safe to try something new or take a risk. As a result I had developed the allergies to keep me at home and safe. But as the allergies progressed I stopped living. Now, I love to explore new things and I have no problem going anywhere.”


Tim Hammes

“Thank you so much for working with me during my Natural Breathing 10 sessions series. I looked on the 10 session series as an investment in myself, and thought that if nothing else, it would be an interesting learning opportunity.

I was not expecting Natural Breathing to be so powerful. The most powerful insight was my experience of Samadhi during one of my Natural Breathing sessions, experiencing that state has left me with a knowing that the Divine is indeed within each of us. This insight has changed the way I interact with the world on a daily basis. I am less anxious and spend less time worrying. I am much calmer and have a stronger sense of myself. I highly recommend the Natural Breathing 10 session series for anyone who is interested in learning more about, or improving themselves. The immediacy and the power of Natural Breathing have astounded me. I look forward to my next session.”



“The life-changing experiences of participating in the “breathing” workshop continues. My extreme fear of the water was a big obstacle in being able to fully enjoy a more full-color life. I am now a PADI certified scuba-diver! I am certain that your work has given me the tools necessary to play in the seas depths in such a light and happy way. I hear my breath as it travels through the regulator and an remarkable peace replaces that fear that used to paralyze me! I never imagined that I could use “water sport” and “fun” in the same sentence! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Love, Sally”


Ron Weseman

“I had been diagnosed with arterial fibrillation, a chronic heart problem. After working with Natural Breathing, I have had no symptoms for over one year and I have never felt better! I highly recommend this program to anyone with a health problem.”

Kristina Weber

“I grew up in a family that always struggled with money. When I became an adult, supporting myself, I too was always struggling and worrying about money. After working with Natural Breathing, I have more financial abundance than ever!”

Karla Finn

“I was having vascular hives and taking massive doses of a steroid prednisone. I was weak, fearful and depressed. I knew I had to change from the inside but I didn’t how. In the Unlimited Breath sessions I got waves of champagne bubbles going through my body leaving me feeling energized and strong.” 

Jonathan Stein

“I’ve spent most of my life doubting myself and looking outside myself for answers. I’ve had gurus and therapists to guide me. I’ve continued to feel the need to trust my own wisdom but actually hearing and comprehending my inner guidance has always been difficult. Unlimited Breath has connected me with a level of inner knowing that I have not experienced before in my life. Receiving guidance from a guru or therapist didn’t compare to the experience of the deep inner voice speaking through me like a wise elder. That was undeniable, profound and visceral. I feel relief and excitement having discovered such a profound level of knowingness in myself.”

Jane Bibber

“I had been through treatment for a diagnosis of cancer and felt that I was limited in my energy to ever travel again. In my first Natural Breathing session I experienced tingling all through my body – a totally new experience of my body – I was amazed. Because I experienced this new sensation throughout my body I knew I could revitalize my body and realize my life long dream of going to Tibet.” 

Rebecca Donaldson

“My biggest problem was that I used to see myself as a victim of life, where everything was inflicted upon me, with no hope for something better. Through Unlimited Breath my breathing has become easier and I can breathe deeper. I now feel empowered and energized.”

Paul Berg

“I had worked hard to suppress my spirit and became involved in a fear filled survival mode. I tried to nourish myself by drinking a lot. I had a lot of passion that I couldn’t get out and it hurt. Natural Breathing has shown me my inhibiting patterns and given me the ability and courage to let them go and make room for more living.”

Kathy Miller

“Through Natural Breathing I have changed my whole outlook on life. I feel self-acceptance. I have found a mate and a career that I really like.”

Linda Sanda

“Natural Breathing has helped me release my physical pain and feeling that life is a burden. Now I am excited and grateful to be alive.”

Ronda Harris

“Through Natural Breathing I have released my anxiety and difficulty breathing. I no longer feel fear or require a daily use of inhalers.”

Dakota Seymanski

“I had no life. All I did was sleep and go to work. I got up for work, went to work, came home and back to bed. Natural Breathing opened me up to feel alive and a desire to engage with life again. Now I have a life. I have moved, landed a better paying job and am engaging in life’s many experiences. I am amazed that Natural Breathing is so powerful and yet so easily done.”

Jessica Ronalds, Psychotherapist

“My Natural Breathing session was an intensely transcendent and, for the most part, blissful, experience. I felt connected to and clearly understood all aspects of my being: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. These aspects were coursing through me in total harmony. I also felt a higher, larger spiritual energy guiding and supporting my whole being and life. The effects have stayed with me in the sense that I have felt more able to see and act on changing aspects of my life that are blocking my creativity. I have had more courage to face my fears and attempt to set myself free.”

Donna Lomp, Mother

“Natural Breathing is amazing. I went through some really deep stuff. Part of it was fear-based. Breathing through the fear released it completely. It’s powerful, healing work. I worked through things in my life that were troubling me. My back pain went away. I walked away feeling energized and peaceful at the same time. I highly recommend this work.”

Allison Mitchell, CMT, LMT Licensed Massage Therapist

“This Natural Breathing process brought about a profound sense of calmness. As someone who is very familiar with healing breath techniques, I feel curious to explore Natural Breathing further!”

Branden Byers

“Before Natural Breathing I was just pushing through life on a constant search for understanding. Everything I explored soon lost its attraction. I had no feeling for what I met. I was not getting any closer to my dreams but instead lived in depression. Natural Breathing has completely changed how I see my life. Now am I very aware of what I feel and understand. Before I was painting my life on top of my shit and now my beautiful artwork shines through as my shit washes away.”

Suzette Schmidt

“Natural Breathing has given me so much insight about my entire existence, particularly how my birth process has affected and patterned my whole life. Now I have the insight to change my patterns and experience my life as meaningful.”

Jeremy Richman, Real Estate Agent

“I see Natural Breathing as a healing and awareness practice that also includes body-trauma-release. I have personally experienced how self-punishing conversations can get rooted into my unconscious and then into my body itself. I had one mind-blowing experience where one of my conversations came unstuck from my physicality and I felt it rising into my unconscious and then into my consciousness where I became aware of what it was saying and expelled it. The work has also been of great help to me in my fight to give up certain old habits by increasing the level of my mindfulness of my need to feed them. I can now – sometimes — get to the point of watching and simply acknowledging my need instead of acting it out in its thrall.”

Dan, MD

“The Power of Natural Breathing workshop was an interesting weekend to say the least. Lots of learning, emotions, experience, and created nice relationships. I definitely dove deeper into myself and have come up with much more focused plan of who I am and what I have to offer. My life philosophy has become much clearer to me. Thank you for that.”


“Hi, I just wanted to thank you once more for putting on a great workshop! Arne mentioned trying to break out of the fences around our cow pen, and I feel like the seminar was doing just that. Like everyone, I resist doing things out of my comfort zone, but I’m glad I did it. I learned some key concepts about enjoying the things that make us afraid, asking questions, and most of all– engaging in life with full and mindful breathing. I started using the Creative Questions Cards this morning and I know that is going to really change my thinking. These are powerhouse, revolutionary ideas, and I will be putting them to good use in my life. I wish you great success going forward!”

Melissa Johnson

“As a result of participating in the Natural Breathing workshop series, I have reconnected with my heart’s passion. I left a successful career in advertising and am now self-employed living my dream with more success than I ever thought possible!”

Pat Hollenhorst

“For years I could not eat wheat or dairy products without intestinal bloating and pain, and had totally eliminated them from my diet for the past 5 years. Since I began Natural Breathing five months ago, I am excited to report that I am now enjoying the full spectrum of culinary delights! My heartfelt thanks.”

Cathy Gale Perkins

“Before Natural Breathing I used to believe life was very hard, today everything in my life is becoming easy! Just recently we bought a lake home and rented our existing home all in 3 weeks time! It was so easy!!”


“I attended the Natural Breathing workshop series to see if I could regain my hearing. It was becoming very hard for me to hear. Over the several months of the workshop series my hearing has improved about 75% and it is still improving.”

J.R., Former Director of a Residential Treatment Facility

“I am able to support people in accomplishing far more significant change in their lives with ten Natural Breathing sessions than I could counsel them almost daily for six months in a residential treatment facility.”

Alex Bernier, Real Eyes Displays LLC

I have dabbled in meditation for most of my life as a means of reducing stress and staying focused. When I started RealEyes Displays in 2010, I realized very quickly that owning a business brings many challenges that greatly increase stress levels. I needed to find a more effective, structured way to remain focused.

I started working with Natural Breathing around March 2011. It was an experience that changed my life. Breathwork allowed me to take major steps to becoming the person I want to be: stress-free, fearless, focused, and more joyful. I believed in the program because it made sense: first identify the changes and barriers in your life and how to overcome them. Then use Breathwork to solidify those changes internally.

I wanted to see tangible results of this program. I remembered that before I started my Natural Breathing sessions, I had visited a chiropractor for back pain. They had taken a Heart Rate Variability scan, which identifies your nervous system’s reaction to stress. After I finished the Breathwork program, I went back to my chiropractor to take the test again. (Note: Between scans, I only had two chiropractic adjustments in January after the first scan. I had done little exercise, and used only Breathwork and Meditation for stress relief)

Results are that the vertical movement means that the overall effectiveness of my nervous system increased by almost 14 points (almost 20%).